The Law Of Allowing

I just love it when clients call me up and tell me about things that have happened as a result of adopting these teachings. I always have to act surprised but it is just more proof that if you stick at it and overcome your past programming trying to derail you, you cannot fail to get results.Once you get a result it gives you confidence to then stick at it. The speed at which you will experience results is in direct proportion to your faith and belief in the process.We all have the same equipment but everybody has been programmed differently and it is that past programming that is stopping you to allow things to happen.

Amazingly if you have been searching for answers and have avidly read and followed various systems and methods contained in the 1000′s of books written on this subject, you may be at a disadvantage because your brain will be trying to make sense of lots of differing processes.Information overload causing analysis paralysis the classic stumbling block.There is nothing complicated in these teachings and in their basic form make absolute sense but once you try and juggle all the past information with the new information you can not possibly expect to move forward.The universe is responding to your thoughts 24/7 but it can only respond to the messages you send out and if those messages are unclear and jumbled you will attract unclear jumbled results.The clearer and more detailed your thoughts the easier it is for the universe to deliver a result, unfortunately we all kid ourselves that we are clear in our thoughts, but deep down we have those pesky voices and all that past information overriding the thought so the dominant message is still one of chaos.These teachings cannot fail to work provided that you follow the instructions and until you can send out your messages in a clear and concise manner without all the hidden voices poking their noses in, you will be stuck exactly where you are.

Every change for the good comes from a calm relaxed mind so start relaxing and experience how clever you are when you allow your mind to direct operations.Once you allow your subconscious mind the freedom to do its job, magical things happen and you can actually feel a weight lifted because you realise that you do not have to assist in any way. Just ALLOW things to unfold and your life changes in so many different ways.